The touch screen of your mobile device is capable of almost all mouse controls. With Remote Mouse, you can perform a range of actions with touchpad gestures, making it even more convenient to use.

move and left click

two finger tap = right click

one finger firm press = right click

There are two ways to perform “right click”: using both hands or using one hand (on 3D touch supported devices). Due to hardware limitations, the one-hand gesture may require a long press in a later version.

two finger scroll = scroll up / down / left / right

two finger pinch / spread = zoom in / out (Mac only)

double tap, then drag = select and move

drag with three fingers (iOS only) = select and move

The double-click and drag gesture or the three-finger drag gesture can simulate mouse actions like double-clicking and selecting. Besides moving windows, these gestures can also be used to select multiple items or text.

select multiple items / texts