Although we have designed a set of mouse buttons on the main user interface, if you turned off all the mouse functions in settings, the magical touch screen of your mobile device is capable of completing all the mouse operations. Here are a few demonstrations of how to use the touchpad gestures.

move and left click

two finger tap = right click

one finger firm press = right click

There are two ways to right click as demonstrated above, with both hand or one hand. However, due to the hardware limitations, the one-hand gesture is only workable on those 3D touch supported devices (iOS devices before iPhone 11). Thus, we may change it to long press in a later version.

two finger scroll = scroll up / down / left / right

two finger pinch / spread = zoom in / out (Mac only)

double tap, then drag = select and move

drag with three fingers (iOS only) = select and move

Whether double-click and drag, or drag with three fingers, simulates the mouse action of double-clicking and selecting. Therefore, besides moving a window, this gesture can also be used to select multiple items, select a piece of text, and so on.

select multiple items / texts