Besides the basic alphabetical keyboards, Remote Mouse provides an additional set of keys, including a shortcut bar and a numeric function keypad. Written descriptions might look complicated, so we made some Gifs to make things simple.

The Shortcut Bar

The Shortcut Bar can be displayed and used simultaneously with other keyboards and specialty panels, and will show corresponding keys depending on whether the connected computer is a PC or a Mac.

The three keys on the right are independant quick controls. The four keys on the left are modifiers that can be used along with either the English alphabetical keyboard or the numeric function keypad to send shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Due to the limited size of the mobile device screen, each key in a shortcut combination has to be entered one after another, instead of being pressed at the same time as when using a physical keyboard.

Ctrl-Z – tap Ctrl first, then Z

To enter a combination that contains two or more modifier keys, you need to long press each modifier key.

Shift-Command-Up – long press Shift, long press Command, then Up Arrow

Among all the modifers, only the Windows logo key can send a command with a single click. Therefore, to use the Windows logo key in a shortcut combination, you also need to long press it.

Win, Win + M

To cancel a modifier that has been pressed, just press it again.