Remote Mouse now supports connecting computers via Bluetooth. Under most circumstances, we still recommend using Wifi connection first. Because Wifi generally has better stability, hardware compatibility and signal coverage. When there is no available Wifi, or you are experiencing latency caused by poor signals, you can try Bluetooth connection instead, as it works better than Wifi connection under such circumstances.

There are also certain hardware requirements for computers to connect with Bluetooth.

  • For Windows, Bluetooth connection is supported only on Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) or newer. Also, the PC must have Bluetooth built-in. If your PC uses external Bluetooth (a USB Bluetooth dongle), only the model BT851 by Laird supports Bluetooth connection.
  • For Mac, except for some old models, Mac computers support Bluetooth connection perfectly.

To use the latest Advanced Connectivity feature, please make sure that both the desktop and the mobile versions of Remote Mouse are up to date.