Connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

July 17, 2021 in News

The latest version of Remote Mouse supports connecting computers via Bluetooth. Under most circumstances, we still recommend to use Wifi to connect. Because Wifi generally has better stability, hardware compatibility and signal coverage than Bluetooth.

When there is no Wifi available, or there is a lag in using Remote Mouse, you can use Bluetooth connection instead. In this case, Bluetooth may better resist the lag caused by poor signals.

At present, there are some limitations in the functions when connecting via Bluetooth, but we will gradually improve them.

Secondly, there are certain hardware requirements for computers to connect with Bluetooth. For Windows, Bluetooth connection is supported only on Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) or newer. And the PC must have Bluetooth built-in.

If your PC uses external Bluetooth (a USB Bluetooth dongle), only the model BT851 by Laird can support Bluetooth connection.

As for Mac, except for some old models, the common Mac computers can support Bluetooth connection perfectly.

To use the latest Advanced Connectivity feature, please make sure that both the desktop and the mobile versions of Remote Mouse are up to date. 😉

Specialty Control Panels

July 17, 2021 in Tips
Tap an icon to use a panel. Tap a selected icon to collapse the panel.

It may be more inconvenient to control a computer with a virtual remote control than using a mouse and a keyboard with both hands. The purpose of designing the specialty panels is to help perform certain actions faster on the small screen, such as playing movies or shutting down computers.

The panel control bar is designed to be slidable, so that there is a reasonable spacing between each button and the touch area can better match the fingertip size. We also have more room for adding new panels.

In the latest iOS version (soon for Android version), you can rearrange the order of the specialty panels to suit your personal preferences.

Keyboard Shortcuts

October 10, 2019 in Tips

Besides the basic alphabetical keyboards, Remote Mouse provides an additional set of keys, including a shortcut bar and a numeric-function keypad. Words might look complicated, so we made some Gifs to make things simple.

The Shortcut Bar

The Shortcut Bar can be displayed and used simultaneously with other keyboards and specialty panels, and will display corresponding keys depending on whether the connected computer is a PC or a Mac.

The three keys on the right are quick controls. The four keys on the left are modifiers that can be used along with either the English keyboard or the numeric-function keypad to send shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Because of the limited size of the mobile screen, each key in a shortcut key combination has to be entered one by one, which is different from using a physical keyboard.

Ctrl-Z – tap Ctrl first, then Z
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Touchpad Gestures

October 3, 2019 in Tips

Although we have designed a set of mouse buttons on the main screen, the touch screen of your mobile device is capable of doing almost all the mouse controls. Here are a few demonstrations of how to use the touchpad gestures.

move and left click

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